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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Firefox doesn't load images from a specific site

And how to fix it. So if your Firefox doesn't show images on a site or a website, or firefox blocks images from a domain, or something like that, here's a tip. I found that my favorite forum's images were being blocked. Since I happen to be a Mod, it caused problems. But it was only on that copy of firefox. And I noticed that off-site images loaded. After disabling all my extensions (the first step when troubleshooting Firefox), the images still didn't show. So I delved into the options, where I had been before. But I found a button this time. Under Tools->Options->Content, next to the "Load Images" box, there was an "Exceptions" button. I clicked it, and somehow, my forum site had gotten in there. I removed it, and all was hunky-dory. Who knows how it got there, but it was. So I'm happy, and I thought I'd share it with the world, since the internet wasn't much help in solving my dilemma.

Erm, Redesign...not good...

Well, if you're looking at this in IE, it probably looks sort of like what I want it to. If you're looking at it in Firefox if probably looks mostly like what I want it to. Except that everything is left-aligned, thanks to IE's worthless box model. Bad. Definitely not how I want it. If you're looking at it in something else (like Opera or Lynx some Mac browser), who knows what it looks like. Hopefully you can read it. If you couldn't, you wouldn't be reading this, so I'll assume this page is at least readable to you. To those of you who can't read it, you can't read this anyway, so you don't know that I am talking about you. That's kind of funny, in a strange, circular kind of way. Oh well. Now that I'm done with this quite pointless post, I'll sign off.
(By the way, this site is still under construction.)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pink Panther: A tour de force in humor...or something.

I had my doubts about the new Pink Panther movie. Sure, Steve Martin's funny, and he managed to rescue both Cheaper by the Dozens (reccomended, by the way) from certain comedic death at the dainty hands of Hilary Duff, but the Pink Panther? I always say, let classics be classic. So I was afraid.
I watched the DVD menu animation, and wasn't comforted. The pink panther, bouncing around, peering into bubbles. Were they going to ruin the Pink Panther, too, like they did Looney Tunes and Lady and the Tramp? Heaven forbid!
So the movie started. I found myself laughing. Steve Martin was funny. So far, no sight of that strangely colored feline at all. The movie kept going, and the panther kept not being there, and Martin kept being funny. The movie ended, and still no pink kitties, Martin had succeded in continuing his funniness, and the supporting actors even did their part.
I was dumbfounded.
How did they do it? Evidently, Steve Martin, joined with Len Blum, who just emerged from a 9-year hibernation, and managed to write a good script. And Steve Martin was just the guy to not ruin it.
So what was so great? The humor! It was constant and fast. Something funny happened, and the characters didn't sit there waiting for you to laugh before going on. If it wasn't so funny, nothing lost. There was another laugh just around the corner. If nothing else, Martin's accent - just over-the-top enough that it was funny, and not just overdone - was sure to elicit a laugh.
Another thing - the villians weren't stupid. I hate it when they are. The abominable (that's equates to not recommended) Home Alone 4 is a classic example. But the "villians" were intelligent. They had a good case. They seemed to be on the right track. And then Martin blows it all away. MAN! That was AWESOME! For once, the bad guys (antagonists, for you fellow English freaks) were intelligent!
And the humor was subtle at times, just enough to pick up on - such as when the Tour de France riders collided with the giant globe (don't worry, that doesn't give anything away), the faces of the riders behind the main group were subtly hillarious - as if they were saying, "Ugh, not another globe in our way. This is the third time this stage."
All in all, it was a fantastic movie. The cheeziness meter barely budged, the hilarity was constantly pegging it, and as a bonus, language-and-such barely got past empty. It gets a 4 7/8 out of 5. Congrats for a job well done.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sorry about that...

I got onto my site today and noticed a popup from some ilead.itrack website. As I was reasonably sure there was no spyware on the compy I was viewing it on, so I investigated. Turns out one of my counters, from webstats4u, was causing it. So I now have one less counter, and a lot less popups. Sorry to any viewers that experienced popups - for future reference, there should be NO popups on this site, so let me know if you notice one. Thanks,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cars: a lazy review

M'kay, so I saw cars. It was a good movie. It was funny, and that was good. I'm tired. I use sentences. They're short. Anyway, see if I can muster more energy to write longer sentences. That was a good effort. So - on to the review. It was the kind of movie that had a lot of jokes, and didn't dwell on them (too much). The laughs were many and quick. The plot wasn't as slow as some say, and be sure to stay afterwards to watch the credits. Wow, I'm really tired, so this review will be short, fortunately for you. I'll do pink panther later. But the plot was totally overused - a redone Doc Hollywood. Big star gets stuck in a podunk town, hates it, has to stay, finally gets to his big event, finds out he misses the podunk town and probably a key female in it, and goes back to stay there. So there. I still like it. The tire guy was the coolest, and there arent too many over-touchy-feely parts, and above all, very few cheezy stuff. So enjoy.