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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cars: a lazy review

M'kay, so I saw cars. It was a good movie. It was funny, and that was good. I'm tired. I use sentences. They're short. Anyway, see if I can muster more energy to write longer sentences. That was a good effort. So - on to the review. It was the kind of movie that had a lot of jokes, and didn't dwell on them (too much). The laughs were many and quick. The plot wasn't as slow as some say, and be sure to stay afterwards to watch the credits. Wow, I'm really tired, so this review will be short, fortunately for you. I'll do pink panther later. But the plot was totally overused - a redone Doc Hollywood. Big star gets stuck in a podunk town, hates it, has to stay, finally gets to his big event, finds out he misses the podunk town and probably a key female in it, and goes back to stay there. So there. I still like it. The tire guy was the coolest, and there arent too many over-touchy-feely parts, and above all, very few cheezy stuff. So enjoy.


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