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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Erm, Redesign...not good...

Well, if you're looking at this in IE, it probably looks sort of like what I want it to. If you're looking at it in Firefox if probably looks mostly like what I want it to. Except that everything is left-aligned, thanks to IE's worthless box model. Bad. Definitely not how I want it. If you're looking at it in something else (like Opera or Lynx some Mac browser), who knows what it looks like. Hopefully you can read it. If you couldn't, you wouldn't be reading this, so I'll assume this page is at least readable to you. To those of you who can't read it, you can't read this anyway, so you don't know that I am talking about you. That's kind of funny, in a strange, circular kind of way. Oh well. Now that I'm done with this quite pointless post, I'll sign off.
(By the way, this site is still under construction.)


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