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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Switchfoot - Nothing is Sound

All right, I bet all the sixteen of you who have looked at my blog are wondering, "OK, I've read about his crazy life, but what about the reviews and bible things?"
Well, here's a review. I recently got Switchfoot's new album, Nothing is Sound in the dual CD/DVD format. I, being a fan of their previous Beautiful Letdown, found their latest album to be somewhat of a departure from Letdown. I read in the latest issue of CCM magazine (Christian Contemporary Music, I think) about how is going through their "branding," where they want to be more mainstream, which is OK with me - reaching out is good. But I hope they don't forget their Christian fan base once they get where they want to be, because I liked them before. On the new CD, my favorite track is Stars, a song that is more similar in sound to Letdown than to a lot of the others. Others that I like are Politicians, Happy is a Yuppie Word, and The Shadow Proves the Sunshine. It's another great album from Switchfoot, even if it is departing a little from their previous work to reach out to the secular world. But there is still plenty of awesome material, and it's a CD worth getting if you're a Switchfoot fan. The DVD version contains all the songs in 5.1 surround sound, but I, not having surround sound, was more interested in the commentary and such. I watched quite a bit of the behind-the-scenes section, and found out, among other things, that at least Jon Foreman (I think) drinks Sam's Club bottled water. Cool, huh?


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