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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rubik's Cube? Next!...

All right, call me a geek, but I'm happy because I finally solved my Rubik's cube yesterday. Hooray. I'll get some pictures in later of my finished cube. I won't be a speed cuber any time soon, but I'll soon be able to do it without directions. Maybe if anyone wants it, or maybe just because I want to, I'll post directions on how I did it. In other news, expect some movie reviews in the future. I just watched The Adventures of Ociee Nash, and will be reviewing it soon. I also want to review The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. But for now, I'll be content with my Rubik's cube, all solved. It's not quite as gratifying as it could be, since I picked it up probably at a garage sale years ago and just recently picked it back up, so several stickers are home-made, particularly the center red one. Maybe next time I'll have a "real" cube. So think happy thoughts, and until next time,


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